Business Management – Save a Dime in 2009 Manage For Efficiency

Cutting Costs right now is driving industry, some companies to extinction, as you can only cut costs so much before the customers and clients feel betrayed and leave for greener pastures. Take the airline industry for instance, they are cutting costs down to bare bones, charging people for little extras that the average person would have assumed complimentary; too much of that gives a company poor service ratings and bad customer reviews, which go viral online and destroy a brand name.Still, costs must be cut to stay in business, to fight another day, to appease shareholders and hold up declining revenues in the midst of a rather difficult recession, exacerbated by credit market crunches. If you cannot borrow the money to stay in business you must cut costs and try like the Dickens to hold revenue to a sustainable level, otherwise you’re gone, and the competition prevails instead.In these troubled and turbulent times Business Management is all about saving a dime in 2009 and managing for “Efficiency” as that is the only way to win. Those corporations that cannot manage costs, in a global recession with credit markets stalled are not long for this world, however those which survive will be stronger than ever and they will be the next chapter in American Businesses.These survivors will be the ones that will be in the second book of the Built to Last Trilogy, and their story is being written as we speak. So, watch closely as history is being made in the present, and watch for the emerging stars of the business world. Please consider this.