Explore the Country As a Traveling Nurse

Traveling nurses are registered nurses who travel around the United States filling temporary nursing positions. If you are a nurse and you love to travel, then this may be the right career move for you. Most travel nurses enjoy the experience of traveling, meeting, and working with new coworkers. They hope to gain a well-rounded work experience that will serve them if they decide to settle on working full time at a specific medical facility. Many travel nurses claim that the experience allows them to develop a better understanding of their chosen specialty. Many travel nurses also claim that their unique work experiences have helped introduce them to better patient focused nursing.Travel nurses are registered nurses, usually hired by travel nurse companies, who take temporary positions in a variety of settings in order to fill a shortage. Generally, they will work in the hospital setting, where shortages of nursing personnel are rampant.Travel nurses also have the option of traveling to other countries experiencing shortages and may even become independent contractors. As an independent contractor, though, you must find your own housing, negotiate for pay, and pay your own insurance to name just a few things that you will be required to negotiate for on your own. But for our purposes, we will speak generally of travel nurses hired by travel nursing companies.Hospitals hire nursing personnel, as well as other health care professionals, for a number of reasons. The major reason for hiring temporary help is to fill a gap in the numbers of nurses required. With such a shortage of qualified nurses today, many areas of the country are experiencing the deficit. Travel nurses bring a variety of knowledge and experience and are able to seamlessly fill these vacant positions.Other areas of the country experience large population fluctuations which are more seasonal in nature. In some areas, the population can double due to these changes. For example, Florida experiences huge population shifts during the winter as snowbirds flock to warmer climates. Other areas have become huge tourist towns and require more professional help for the seasonal changes related to tourism.Travel nurses are needed in both kinds of situations to fill a void in healthcare left by the fewer numbers of nurses.Another reason where a nurse may find temporary employment while traveling is the opening of a new medical facility. Rather than hiring all new nurses, these new organizations benefit from the great experience of travel nurses. Newer staff members also gain from working with more experienced members of the nursing field.Other areas of work in which a travel nurse may find temporary employment include: acute care facilities, outpatient surgery centers, assisted living or nursing homes, or working with children in schools or camps. Still other positions may include: physicians offices, correctional facilities, clinics or laboratories. Most places require at least one year of experience in the hospital setting.Travel nurses generally enjoy a more lucrative salary than they would receive if they worked in a single location. The salary the travel nurse earns is generally based on the location where they are working. Typically a travel nurse will not earn as much working in a hospital in a rural community as they will earn working at a larger inner-city hospital. Some nurses prefer travel nursing to nursing in a single medical facility because they enjoy the opportunity to see the world and other cultures. Working in a constantly changing location challenges a travel nurses knowledge and talents. The skills that the travel nurse develops on their journeys are skills that they will be able to utilize should they settle on a home base.Although most travel nursing jobs average 13 to 26 weeks, some can be as short as four weeks or as long as 52 weeks. Maybe you are looking to live in another state and want to be able to experience particular areas and the employment opportunities available in those areas. Travel nursing makes this possible while continuing to earn a living.Travel nurses, generally, will be employed through a travel nurse agency. The agency is responsible for filling positions and medical facilities with qualified and interested candidates. These agencies usually have had a long relationship with hospitals, medical facilities, and medical professionals in certain parts of the country, sometimes, countrywide at larger agencies. A recruiter at the agency will assist the nurse with obtaining the proper state licensure or hospital requirements. You will have a contract drawn up by the agency, with the hospital, for salary, length of assignment, and hours worked. The travel nurse agency generally pays for travel expenses and will also have made living arrangements for you in your area of choice. If there are any professional criteria that must be met, your agency and recruiter will assist you with that as well.There are some things that you need to consider before becoming a travel nurse. These are the things that can make up your mind on whether being a traveling nurse is the right choice for you. The jobs that you accept could take you away from your family for up to a year. Depending on how far away the job is could be another deciding factor. Generally it is best if you do not have pets because it is possible that the housing provided for you will not accept them. You will have to be licensed in every state that you choose to work in. These are things a good traveling nurse agency will help you work out.If you are looking for a rewarding career that allows you to travel across the United States, then a career as a traveling nurse could be just what you’re looking for. Look for agencies in your home town or on the Internet to help you get started on your journey as a travel nurse. They will help place you in a job that is right for you. Happy nursing.

Three Basic Business Management Concepts

When managing a business, it’s not only the staff and employees you have to deal with. There are other areas such as IT, document management and others that you need to consider. Below are general outlines that can be used in the specific areas that need to be managed. Business owners can apply these to make management easier.Set RulesSetting rules is important because it provides everyone a gridline on how things work. Rules are needed so a business can operate efficiently. Once you make the rules, you need to be consistent and follow them as basic protocol. However, you should not be too strict and provide some flexibility and exceptions. Not all events and conditions may be applicable to the regulations and rules. When making rules, they need to be fair and help keep the business in order. You have to get these rules straightened up and thought over carefully before implementing them.Use technology It is nearly impossible to run a business without the help of technology nowadays. Computers and the internet have helped small businesses become easier to manage with computer programs and Apps. You can even use a tablet computer or a laptop, which you can take anywhere with you, to do all the accounting work you have to do. Think about what IT tools you need to run the business. Assess if you need a specific person or team to work on IT alone, or can your staff just manage it by themselves. A good thing to consider though is to have someone in your team that has knowledge on IT so that if something ever happens to the system, he or she can check on it right away and you don’t have to outsource an IT expert.Delegating Work This is probably one of the most difficult things to do when managing a business. The question asked here is “who gets what?” Everybody needs to have a part to play. This way, tasks are organized and everyone knows where to go if they need something. Roles need to be clear and straightforward. Employees need to know the task that they are assigned with early on so as not to cause confusion. Giving everyone a role will also help in group dynamics and team building, they feel that they are part of a bigger picture and what they do is important in keeping everything running smoothly. You and your employees will help each other out in keeping the business successful.

Business Management – Save a Dime in 2009 Manage For Efficiency

Cutting Costs right now is driving industry, some companies to extinction, as you can only cut costs so much before the customers and clients feel betrayed and leave for greener pastures. Take the airline industry for instance, they are cutting costs down to bare bones, charging people for little extras that the average person would have assumed complimentary; too much of that gives a company poor service ratings and bad customer reviews, which go viral online and destroy a brand name.Still, costs must be cut to stay in business, to fight another day, to appease shareholders and hold up declining revenues in the midst of a rather difficult recession, exacerbated by credit market crunches. If you cannot borrow the money to stay in business you must cut costs and try like the Dickens to hold revenue to a sustainable level, otherwise you’re gone, and the competition prevails instead.In these troubled and turbulent times Business Management is all about saving a dime in 2009 and managing for “Efficiency” as that is the only way to win. Those corporations that cannot manage costs, in a global recession with credit markets stalled are not long for this world, however those which survive will be stronger than ever and they will be the next chapter in American Businesses.These survivors will be the ones that will be in the second book of the Built to Last Trilogy, and their story is being written as we speak. So, watch closely as history is being made in the present, and watch for the emerging stars of the business world. Please consider this.